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Geographical analyses with KNIME and Tableau

  • Locational intelligence

  • Locations' potential catchment areas

  • Overlap in catchment areas

  • White spots analysis for areas without coverage

  • Store network analysis and management

  • Demography, purchasing power and customer profile per service area

  • Regional divisions for sales managers

  • Visitor streams (before and after store visit)

  • Drive times to and from locations

  • New location analytics

What options are there?

basic module: visualizing your own locations

optional extensions:

  • competition analysis, including overlap and white spots

  • investigate cannibalism by own locations

  • travel times for customers and employees

  • demographic data from CBS

  • consumer data from Whooz (Experian)

  • buying behavior and intention

  • regional (re)distribution of sales organization

  • target group analyses

  • own information, e.g. cash register data, customer loyalty cards or own customer survey

at the desired level of detail, including:

  • district, neighborhood and municipality

  • 2-digit, 4-digit or full zip codes

  • distance and radius as the crow flies derived from latitude and longitude

  • distances and driving times based on a drive time matrix

Which catchment area analyses are possible?

Catchment area analyzes are possible in several ways:

  • own locations vs. competitor locations

  • difference in service level: on location, collection or delivery

  • difference in own store formulas and reach, for example: S, M, L hardware stores or supermarket formulas for convenience (gas) station, city center, residential area or periphery

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